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Learn how to position and market what you do in a way that adds value and feels right.

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The kind of marketing people love

In a noisy world, the businesses that shine tell stories that live in our hearts as well as our heads. Their marketing turns conventional wisdom on its head – helping over selling, connecting over closing, serving a niche community rather than shouting to the anonymous masses. We’re on a mission to help good businesses flourish with marketing people love – content that matters and you’re proud to share.

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Learn to create valuable content

You know that sharpening your content and sharing your ideas will make a big difference to your success, but how do you make that happen?

We’ve set up the School of Valuable Content to help you overcome your writing blocks and create content that’s right for you and your audience. Online group courses, a regular writing club and 1:1 coaching sessions to help you take the right course of action on your content. 

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Insight and ideas

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Valuable Content Marketing – make quality content your key to success

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Valuable Content Marketing

“If you’re unsure where to start with marketing your business online or your current content doesn’t generate enough interest in your business, then start with this book. You won’t be disappointed.”


Henneke Duistermaat

Useful resources to take away

You’ll find loads of free tools and goodies on this website to help you on your valuable marketing journey.

  • Maps and guides
  • Workbooks and checklists
  • Content planners and more

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Meet the authors

We’re Sonja and Sharon. We’ve spent years helping businesses large and small to define and deliver valuable content for their customers so they thrive. Our clients have included Google, the Met Office, universities, charities and many smaller expert businesses in the UK and around the world. 

On this website you’ll find our best insights and tips to get you crystal clear, confident and writing, so you attract more of the work you love to do, more easily. 

What people say

20% year on year growth

“Marketing the valuable content way has helped me grow to a $1million business. My website, resources and weekly tips drive awareness, trust and good sales leads.”

Andrea P. Howe

Founder, The Get Real Project

Pipeline of inbound leads

“Now people are coming to us instead of us always going to them. We’re seeing loads of inbound inquiries from our content, 24 in the last month alone!”

Dave James

MD, Ascentor

A game-changing business

“I wish I’d found VC earlier. I’d have saved thousands of pounds in wasted marketing and 3 years’ going round in circles trying to get my business established.”

Dr Helen McCarthy

The Appetite Doctor

Case studies

The valuable content marketing approach has helped many good businesses over the years. Here are a few stories.

Wealth Horizon

Launching Wealth Horizon

A story, website & content that disrupted the status quo and won trust and customers fast.

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cxpartners story

The right brand story for cxpartners

Client research and insight to help articulate the brand story and feul sales conversations.

Read the story

Project One

Differentiating Project One

Using client research to build a purpose-led brand story that is winning market share.

Read the story

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