A very human Valuable Content Award for UiPath – leaders in the world of software robots

UiPath is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history. Their content has helped to propel them to worldwide success. A well earned Valuable Content Award with huge lessons here.

Valuable Content Award for UiPath

UiPath is the fastest growing enterprise software company in history. This is a billion dollar Romanian startup that so nearly didn’t make it, but who are now leading the world in robotic process automation.

A chance encounter on a plane to the WeContent conference in Bucharest led Sonja to uncover this amazing story; of how a shift in mindset matched with a massive generosity of spirit has led to their phenomenal, global success. She immediately changed her slides and told their story on stage.

For anyone interested in learning just how far a commitment to the very human principles that underpin a valuable approach to marketing and business can propel you, read on.

Valuable content lessons from UiPath

UiPath perfectly captures what a bigger purpose and commitment to sharing their knowledge with total generosity can do for a company, and for the world.

Here’s an interview with Mina Deckard, the Dali of UiPath’s blog and one of the team members who create the valuable content that has propelled UiPath to high heights. There are so many lessons to inspire your content and marketing efforts here.

Mina Deckard UiPath

Mina Deckard of UiPath

Q: UiPath shares a lot of valuable information in its blogs, tutorials, and resources. Why?

“Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a relatively new technology that has spurred a fast-growing industry. We are lucky to have been a part of its inception, a contribution that has made us responsible for its well-being. Educating everyone about what RPA means, what purpose it serves and all of its ins and outs has simply been our duty.”

“Educating people has simply been our duty.”

The UiPath Blog

Q: What inspires your company to be so generous with its knowledge and ideas?

“UiPath is open-to-use and open-to-learn, two principles to build (anything great) upon. When everyone contributes, whatever has to be accomplished will be accomplished faster and better.

This is not a novelty. The freedom to create and cooperate is simply one of nature’s ways. We are copying and enacting an evolutionary model.

UiPath has nurtured a thriving community of RPA developers who use our product for free (The UiPath Community Edition) and build new and interesting use cases upon it. They are contributing their practical knowledge and together we are building a shared repository of automation ideas and best practices that are made to propel the industry forward.”

Q: What is your content strategy? What type of information do you like to share?

“Content is a loop. Not exactly a strange one, or perhaps not as strange as Mr. Hofstadter’s, but sufficiently self-referential in the sense that every piece of content we share is informed by the realities of our customers, our prospects and the world out there: their challenges, their problems, their experience with RPA, the needs of their business and so on.

And because we cater to virtually any industry and across functions we tend to focus a lot of our content strategy on answering the HOW of automation, as it pertains to each domain, whether it’s finance, legal, HR, healthcare or government.

Justifying the WHY is easy, the ROI of this technology is compelling and easy to prove. Which makes the HOW question even more critical. Many of our customers are generously sharing their experience with automation, which in turn helps new adopters learn fast. We’re documenting everything.”

Q: What results has this brought for your business?

“Our content has helped us grow at the incredible speed that we’ve been growing at and has majorly contributed to UiPath’s preeminence in the industry.

“Our content has helped us grow at the incredible speed.”

Every product guide, every tutorial, every resource article, every thought leadership blog and every tweet we’ve ever done have had a direct contribution to this success.”

UiPath content wins

UiPath’s content is outstripping the competition

Q: Do you have a favorite UiPath content story?

“Oh, yes! Every piece of content which reflects the collective heartbeat of the UiPath community is dear to us.

  1. Here’s an example – a post on the one year anniversary of the UiPath’s fantastic Academy.
  2. And here’s a sample of a rich, “how-to” piece of content that you can really fall back on when implementing our technology at scale (which is what every enterprise is now looking to do). A guide to full-scale RPA deployment. It’s authored by UiPath’s Chief of Strategy.

Of course, success stories are the holy grail of our content strategy. (Even when they fail at first. Especially then.)”

Q: Who produces the content at UiPath?

“We’re a global team, spread across regions and between two main dimensions: brand communications and product marketing. And we’re still growing. Two years ago we were… two people…! It still feels unreal.

At UiPath, our experts and thought leaders write their own content.”

Q: How do you ensure you get your content gets found and read?

“For our content producers, 50% of the time is spent on writing, 50% is spent on distribution.

Apart from distributing content through the web, we also go through our sales teams, our partners and specific influencers. Let’s not forget that if you build interesting content, everyone will want to share it. We measure performance to improve our methods.”

“Let’s not forget that if you build interesting content, everyone will want to share it.”

Q: What is your biggest content challenge?

“Great question. Honestly, our greatest challenge is being able to create the content at the pace of our audiences need it.”

Q: What’s next for your website and content?

“More case studies! And then some more! Ha-ha-ha. And of course, strengthening our distribution engine. Always, ongoingly!”

Q: What lessons can other businesses take from your approach to content at UiPath?

“Build a community. Let it speak.”

Human content lessons from UiPath

  1. Sharing valuable content is part of your duty to serve your customers and industry. It’s a way of living your purpose.
  2. Your customers’ needs and questions = your valuable content.
  3. Get your content right and it will play a direct role in your business’ success.
  4. Document everything over time.
  5. Distribution is as important as creation. In UiPath’s content team: “50% of the time is spent on writing, 50% is spent on distribution.”
  6. Don’t forget your sales teams and influencers: They are important distribution channels.
  7. If your content is interesting enough, people will share it.
  8. Measure the success of your content efforts to help you learn and improve.
  9. Don’t forget to write case studies. As Mina says, these are the holy grail of your content strategy. The more honest the better.
  10. Build your community and let it speak through the content you share.

A richly deserved Valuable Content Award for UiPath

Congratulations to Mina and the whole UiPath team. A cluster of Valuable Content Award badges is on its way to you in beautiful Bucharest.

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