A tale of two job boards: a valuable content marketing case study

Top Consultant Valuable Content Award
No doubt about it: focusing your marketing efforts on sharing valuable content will transform your business development capability, but it delivers wider business benefits too.

Here is a story of how a valuable approach to marketing has helped one company to achieve sustainable business success.

Top Consultant’s valuable content tale

Top Consultant is a specialist careers website offering jobs in management consulting and Internet consulting. Since its inception in 2000 the company has built its business by sharing valuable content that people in the consulting sector and consultancy recruitment industry find compelling.

Top Consultant has become a hub of industry news, thought leadership and research, producing popular up-to-the-minute reports such as its annual Salary Benchmarking Report – a comprehensive study of remuneration levels within the consulting sector. All this content is free on their website and distributed via their monthly e-newsletter and active social media feeds. It is just what their audience wants, helping to generate around 125,000 monthly unique visitors to their site – 100,000 of whom are subscribed to their e-newsletter.

Top Consultant’s business development model brings in the sales they need but it has wider business benefit too. Contrast this with business development at another, http://propeciafinasteridestore.com/ more traditional niche job board and you will see the difference that ‘being valuable’ can make.

Top Consultant’s business development model

  • Focus on: Sharing valuable content motivates inbound leads
  • No need for outbound sales team
  • No expensive commission structure
  • Low turnover of staff
  • Business is resilient to anyone leaving
  • Excellent client retention

Traditional job board business development model

  • Focus on: Outbound sales to drive advertising take up
  • 30-40 telesales people
  • Large commissions to motivate performance
  • High turnover of staff
  • Drop in business when a good sales person leaves
  • Poor client retention

As you can see, a focus on leading with valuable content has made all the different to Top Consultant. It has helped to create a healthy, happy business.

Top tip from Top Consultant:

Deliver content that is either unique, more engaging, more timely or more conveniently delivered than your competition. Businesses that get success from their content do at least one of these things really well.

Tony Restell, MD of Top Consultant www.top-consultant.com and Founder of www.Social-Hire.com @tonyrestell

Congratulations Top Consultant. You win win a Valuable Content Award!

Valuable Content Award

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