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“If you care about marketing and want to do it properly, you’re in the right place and in the best of hands.”
Doug Kessler

Velocity Partners

Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton

About the authors

Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton are on a mission to help good businesses flourish by sharing the type of content that people love. Based from Bristol, UK they run Valuable Content, a specialist content marketing consultancy and training business with a determined focus on helping small businesses make the changes they need to win with this powerful and rewarding approach.

Sonja and Sharon have worked on hundreds of content marketing projects. Their experience of working with forward-thinking businesses at the coalface of content marketing shapes their unique perspective of what works and what doesn’t today.

They run the popular Bristol Content Group and are curators of the Valuable Content Awards, recognising content excellence around the world.

“When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of commentators that tell people what to do, but Sonja and Sharon help you make it happen.”

Chris Williams

Founder, Wealth Horizon

Sonja Jefferson

Sonja Jefferson is a content marketing consultant, speaker and trainer.

She enjoys helping brave people create amazing content that helps their businesses fly. With a knack for going beyond the nitty-gritty to see the big picture, Sonja shows you how to get to the heart of your message and join up your digital marketing efforts for success.

Sonja is the founder and strategic brain behind Valuable Content. She gets a buzz from speaking about the power of valuable content, and she’d love to make Bristol the content capital of the UK.

3 things about Sonja you may not know:

  1. Favourite word = ‘why?’
  2. Happiest in, on or beside the sea – swimming, sailing, surfing (badly) or rowing a Cornish Pilot Gig.
  3. Too old for it but still loves Drum and Bass.
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Sharon Tanton

Sharon Tanton

Sharon Tanton is a content writer and creative director.

She’s a wordsmith and ruthless editor, and understands how to tickle, touch and dazzle readers with words. With a special skill for turning drab information into engaging stories, she helps people create compelling content to spread their ideas, engage readers and win business.

She’s the wordsmith and creative spirit at Valuable Content. On a mission to stamp out factory-farmed marketing, Sharon would like more companies to be human and lovable.

3 things about Sharon you may not know:

  1. Instagram addict – sunrises over SS Great Britain are a speciality.
  2. Thinks everyone should walk more – walking is great.
  3. Was pictured in the Daily Star in 1989, kissing Jason Donovan!
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