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If you want to build your business in the way that works and also feels good then you’ve come to the right place. The best marketing is customer-focused, combining clear positioning with great content to help your business fly. We call it ‘valuable content marketing‘ and we’d love to show you how to make it work for you.

Adventures in the Land of Content

On this website you’ll find ideas and helpful resources to help you get your content right. 

If you want to get clear on what to say about your business, how to say it, and how to join the dots to make a valuable content marketing approach work for you, then make yourself at home and read on.

Our story

Sonja Nisson (previously Jefferson) started Valuable Content in 1999 as a freelance marketing consultant. Writer and storyteller Sharon Tanton joined in 2012, and Valuable Content became a strategic marketing and training business based in Bristol UK. Our book Valuable Content Marketing was first published in 2013 and the second edition in 2015. It’s won awards, been translated into Chinese, and sold in countries around the world. 

During our time together we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and organisations – big and small – to flourish with this powerful marketing approach. We’re proud that we’ve helped people all over the world create valuable content and get better results from their websites, sales and social media communications.

In June 2019 we put the main business side of Valuable Content on hold for solo adventures in the Land of Content. (If you’re curious you can find out why here). We come back together from time to time to share what we’re learning, and to organise special training sessions and events. 

We want the resources we’ve developed over the years to continue to help as many people as possible make the most of this fantastic approach to business development. So, if you’re looking for guidance to help you through the positioning and content strategy process to drive measurable results, this website could be just what you need.

Want help with your content?

“If you care about marketing and want to do it properly, you’re in the right place and in the best of hands.”

Doug Kessler

Creative Director, Velocity Partners Ltd

The first steps in your journey to better content

The quickest way to find your feet is to help yourself to the wealth of articles and resources on this website.

We’ve packaged up our ideas and methodology for you in the Valuable Content Marketing book too.

We hope you find our approach and content helpful in your quest for more effective and meaningful marketing. We’d be honoured to be your guides.

Sonja and Sharon

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Valuable Content Marketing

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Sonja Nisson (previously Jefferson)

Sonja is a content evangelist, strategist and coach. 

She’s the founder of Valuable Content and gets a buzz from helping leadership teams and business owners to work out what it is they want to say. Sonja would love to make Bristol the content capital of the UK.


more about Sonja

Sharon Tanton

Sharon is a strategic storyteller and content marketing coach.

She is creative spirit behind Valuable Content. On a mission to help people build more joyful businesses and market them in a way that really works and feels right, Sharon would like more companies to be human and lovable.


more about Sharon

Want to learn more about the valuable content approach?

“Thanks to the work with Valuable Content on our brand, website, and content we’ve gone from being relatively unknown outside the customers we’re working with to being known about far more widely. We now have a consistent message and distinctive way of describing what we do, with a library of valuable content to support sales conversations. We’re seeing more successful bids and we’re starting to see inbound leads from the right type of clients too. Overall there’s more confidence in the business – and a renewed pride in Project One.”

Geoff Mason

Content Director, Project One

“When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Sonja and Sharon help you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to share Wealth Horizon’s story widely. It’s engaging customers and industry commentators alike, and bringing our new business great results. If you want to make your website and content work then you’re in the right hands with Valuable Content.”

Chris Williams

Founder, Wealth Horizon

“We are finding that the work we have done with Sonja and Valuable Content has greatly increased our brand awareness. Now people are coming to us instead of us always going to them.”

Dave James

MD, Ascentor

“Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday. EVERYONE found it valuable and on point so it’s all been very worthwhile.”

Calvin Lau

Product Marketing Manager - Think with Google, Google

“We learned what prospects needed from an IT firm and translated that into a strong brand identity that underpins all our content, including blogs, guides, infographics, social, slide sets, video and now podcasts. Our website traffic has more than tripled, and it’s going up all the time. Thanks to Valuable Content we now have a strong, consistent pipeline of sales opportunities that we never had before.”

Amy Grenham

Head of marketing, Desynit

“Before I make my recommendation to Valuable Content I would like to tell you a story. My sister and I have just visited two care homes recently to explore respite care for my elderly mother. The first was a brand new home run by a well-respected organisation – it had every modern facility from a cinema to a hair salon and everything you could reasonably expect in such an establishment. I convinced myself that it would be perfectly fine. Then we visited a second care home, which had been run for many years as a family business. Everyone we met from cleaner to cook said hello and engaged with us. The place had soul. A care home where people really did care. So my recommendation is to find content guides and creators who really care about what they do. That may seem obvious but just like with the care home the difference wasn’t obvious until I had experienced it. My recommendation, therefore, is to follow Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton at Valuable Content. They’ve got soul!.”

Greg Cooper

LinkedIn Coach and Trainer, Front of Mind Coaching

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