Valuable Content’s Support Crew

Valuable Content is essentially a two-woman band, but with some great support behind us. Here’s our back up team.

Chris Thurling – chairman

Chris Thurling is our non-executive director, coach and mentor. Chris founded and ran a very successful digital agency 3Sixty for 17 years (we know, he doesn’t look old enough does he?) He’s director at Bristol Media, and one of the wisest and calmest people you’ll ever meet. We totally appreciate the steer he gives us.


Lizzie Everard – designer

Lizzie Everard is a visual communicator extraordinaire. Her fabulous design skills add personality and warmth to our brand. We love collaborating with Lizzie on client projects, and on our own branding work. Talking with Lizzie always unleashes new ideas for content. She feeds our creativity and makes us look good!


Anna Wilson – office manager

Anna Wilson keeps our organisation on track. She’s a talented film-maker and community artist in her own right and we’re so grateful to have her calm positivity in the office. (Not to mention all her help with our accounts, events and incredibly detailed book administration.)



Rebecca Wallace – learning adviser

Rebecca Wallace has over 25 years’ experience in designing & delivering learning content and a clear understanding of how people learn best. She makes sure that Valuable Content’s programmes don’t just impart information but really enable those who take our courses to learn new skills.

Rebecca Wallace on LinkedIn

Bella the Dog – mascot!

Long suffering VC Mascot, Bella, likes it when visitors come to the office and has no objection to wearing glasses or hats for our amusement. She has her own Facebook page too. Top dog.

Bella the Dog’s Facebook page




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