Base Structures wins July’s Valuable Content Award

Every month we award an outstanding company with a Valuable Content Award. To win, your website must be genuinely useful to its target audience AND generate consistent results for the business. This month’s winning website from tensile fabric specialists Base Structures gives value and gains benefit in equal measure – a very valuable website all round.

A dynamic website with valuable content at its core

Base’s dynamic, content-rich website is far more than just a beautiful brochure for the firm. As well as showcasing over 100 projects it offers a readily accessible ‘Knowledge Bank’ and ‘Inspiration’ for architects and contractors.

  • The ‘Inspiration’ section gives architects a dedicated area for design ideas, recommended reading, a free modelling tool and time lapse imagery to help them with fabric design development.
  • Their ‘Knowledge Bank’ provides a mix of interesting articles and useful resources and answers on technical design consideration for fabric architecture.

Base’s marketing strategy delivers

Content marketing specialist Lucinda Brook was instrumental in crafting the website and marketing strategy for Base Structures. She explains:

“Bristol-based Base Stuctures is a first class company, producing the highest quality work, really trusted by its clients. The primary aim of the new website and content marketing programme is to give value to the type of people Base wants to do business with, and in turn to showcase the expertise that the company provides.

With a regularly updated blog engine, knowledge bank, case studies, newsletter and active social media presence, it’s a strategy that has helped the company to beat the recession. Visitors quickly doubled and the company has seen the value of orders triple as a result.”

Top tips for your marketing and website

Base’s resident architect Kevin Hemmings was heavily involved in the new website project. Here are Kevin’s top three tips for marketing success.

1. Hire the right marketing help. “If you are a small business like us you probably cannot afford a full time marketing team, so it is important to have the right professionals helping you. Look around and track down consultants that fit the character of your business. All credit to Lucinda Brook for teaching us to get our marketing right.”

2. Fill your website with useful content. “Get as much content as you can on your website. It will help you to rise up the Google rankings and enable people to find you on the web.”

“If it’s not interesting or useful we don’t post it on our website.” Kevin Hemmings, Base Structures

3. Work hard at your marketing. “If you want a consistently high level of enquiries coming in you cannot rely on word of mouth. You are going to have to work hard at your marketing, consistently.”

A well deserved Valuable Content Award

Congratulations to the team at Base Structures, and to content marketing consultant Lucinda Brook too. Your Valuable Content Award badge is on its way.

We hope you will wear it on your fantastic website with pride – a small reward for all that hard work.

Have a look at the Base Structures website:

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