Bristol Content Group

Come and join Bristol’s passionate and growing content community for fascinating meet ups and discussions. Connect and learn from fellow strategists, creators, writers, marketers and content enthusiasts around the city.

Next Content Group meet up:

The next Bristol Content Group meet up will be held in January 2019. Ideas forming. 

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Why Bristol Content Group?

  • Because content is the focus of all successful marketing and a catalyst for exciting business change. Transform your content, transform your business. 
  • Because Bristol is the home of many talented content writers, thinkers, designers, artists, marketers, technologists and filmmakers  – all working to produce outstanding content that gets results.
  • Because if we all work together, share knowledge and learn then we can make Bristol the destination of choice for outstanding content in all its formats.

Move over Silicon Valley, let’s make Bristol Content Gorge!

What do we talk about?


We meet every 2-3 months somewhere in the city. Recent topics have included:

Plans for future events include more valuable guest speakers and workshops for the group – as well as a chance to network and get social of course!

Change leadership for marketers Bristol Content Group

Who is this for?

Open to all content strategists, creators, thinkers and businesses who champion great content.

The group includes content professionals, marketers, writers, designers, UX, SEO, web designers/developers, film makers and businesses who believe in the power of content and want to learn more.

Hosted by Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton of Valuable Content.

How to get involved:

Sign up to the Bristol Content Group email list and we’ll keep you up to date with events.

Hope to see you there.

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