Help don’t sell. Talk don’t yell. Show don’t tell.

‘Help, don’t sell. Talk, don’t yell. Show, don’t tell.’ This is our mantra at Valuable Content, and it can help your business too.

Help don't sell

If you want a mantra to help shape your communication, digital strategy or your social media approach why not try this one?

A valuable mantra for your marketing

Help don’t sell, talk don’t yell, show don’t tell is a phrase that came out of writing the Valuable Content Marketing book. With thousands of words in front of us we wanted a way of saying it simply. How could we make people understand quickly what they needed to do to make the Valuable Content approach work?

Help don’t sell, talk don’t yell, show don’t tell’ was fuelled by lots of coffee and red pen. We like it because it is simple – anything with less words in is good by us. We like it because it rhymes – good to help you remember it. But most of all we like it because it is so true. It’s the essence of all good marketing today.

Help don’t sell

If you want to make an impact online it’s what your business needs to do. Remember the web is where we go for answers, and we’re all sick and tired of being sold to. If you help, people will like you.

Talk don’t yell

The web is a social place. We’ve got no time for people who scream self-promotion and never listen, but we all like people who talk to us, one-to-one.

Show don’t tell

And there’s no point in creating a website that says ‘we are great.’ Far better, and far more effective to demonstrate your greatness through your actions. Do great stuff, and be judged by that.

So when it comes to your marketing remember: help don’t sell, talk don’t yell, show don’t tell.

Help don't sell

The mantra in motion

If you want to see the valuable mantra in action take a look at technology company Novatech‘s awesome Social Media Manifesto:

We particularly like this bit of wisdom:

“Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate.”

How about you? What’s your marketing mantra? Any phrases that help you define what you do?

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