Can valuable content turn professional marketers into happy campers?

Happy VC campers

If you want to get found and loved you need to answer the questions your clients are asking.

The vast majority of searches, whether they are for products or professional services, happen online. Even if they start in the real world of face-to-face recommendation there will almost certainly be an online check before a client trusts you enough to choose to work with you.

Google loves content that answers the questions people are asking. To make Google happy, create that valuable content (tweet this).

If you are involved in marketing a professional services firm that means creating content that demonstrates a real understanding of the problems and challenges facing your audience.

Take it out of your world for a moment.  Imagine you are going camping and you want to buy a tent. Today the first port of call is Google. For me it’s not the technical details or the most stylish picture of a tent which is most important; it’s the video ‘how to put the X tent up quickly in the rain’ that makes the emotional connection with me and wins that sale.

Here’s an example from the professional services world we highlighted in the Valuable Content Marketing book.

Family law firm Woolley and Co pulls in most enquiries through a video called ‘
How to save money on your divorce

That’s a key question divorcing people type in, so the law firm gets found. And because the video is simple and helpful it puts people at their ease in a time of stress. It starts building trust and people feel confident enough to pick up the phone.

Valuable content gets you found, it helps you build relationships, and it gets people to know, like and trust you.

Get it right professional marketers and you’ll be happy campers too!

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