How Endurancelife attracted 15,000 Facebook fans in 12 months

A valuable content case study showing how UK endurance sports business Endurancelife has grown a huge Facebook following that is driving business growth.

To be honest, I’m a rubbish runner but there’s nothing I like more than scrambling along a rugged South West Coastal Path trail. This is how me and my friends came into contact with Devon-based Endurancelife.

These guys organise events for the slightly unhinged – a heady mixture of challenge, adventure and the great outdoors. What’s not to love? Endurancelife is fast becoming a global lifestyle brand.

The company’s marketing centres around sharing valuable content on their Facebook page. In just one year they have gone from 0 – 15,000 fans with around 100 new ones signing up each day! They want to inspire more and more people to challenge their limitations, explore the world through endurance sports and experience a new way of life.

Facebook is their marketing platform of choice. They use it to spread the word about their brand and build a passionate global community that attends their events and buys their products (including me!). And it’s working: the total number of participants in Endurancelife events has doubled in the past year.

Endurancelife marketing manager Andrew Barker shares what works for them.

Endurancelife’s Facebook marketing tips

  • “With our Facebook posts we make sure we’re never overly commercial. We hate being bombarded by commercial sales messages ourselves so why would others engage with a message that is just sell, sell, sell?
  • We use Facebook to deliver value to our tribe of enthusiasts. We provide a space where people can talk about endurance sports and share stories with others who understand and are equally excited. We post photos, run competitions (they are always popular), share videos, training tips and occasionally promote upcoming events too. We are keen for it to be a really encouraging place for our community.
  • We find that Facebook advertising works well in conjunction with our Facebook fan page. We’ve stopped any other forms of advertising – magazine advertising was too expensive and didn’t get us results.
  • Facebook has helped us to improve our customer service and saves us time and money – most questions are answered for us by tribe members themselves!
  • Having a cause helps. To build a big Facebook following you need to unite people behind a wider mission. I think that’s why Facebook works so well for us.
  • I’m sure Facebook doesn’t work for every type of business but it certainly does for ours.”

For Endurancelife, sharing valuable content on Facebook is the right choice. It’s the centre of their marketing world and it’s getting them fantastic results.

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