How do we create better content?

“Our content’s not up to scratch. It doesn’t get any attention or shares. It takes time and effort and it’s not pulling business in. I know it matters but am I sharing it right? Is it answering the right questions? Have we chosen the right subject to write about? How do we get it right?”

Better content, better business

You know that sharing valuable content is a good way to market your business, but worry that the content you’re creating just isn’t up to the mark.

Get it right

If you get it right you’ll find your content flies. The right content gets found by Google, and shared via social media and referral so that the right people find it, and act on it. It open doors, starts conversations, builds your reputation and makes selling easier. You enjoy creating it, and want to keep going.

Get it wrong

The wrong content sits unloved on your website, gathering digital dust. No one reads it. You lose heart. Your content marketing grinds to an unhappy halt.

How valuable is your content now?

The Valuable Content approach

Valuable content sweet spot

Like you, we know that high quality content is key to successful marketing today. We’re keen to help you learn how to create the content you need to build the business you want. When it comes to creating great content, our approach is two fold: know your business and know your customer.

  • If content is not written to address a genuine question your customer is asking it’s almost certainly not the right content. Truly valuable content is helpful at heart.
  • And if it doesn’t serve a clear business purpose it won’t work for your business either.

Content that helps you, and helps your customer. That’s the valuable content sweet spot, and it is the foundation stone of your content strategy. Once that’s clear, then it’s time to tackle the rest of the ‘great’ list. Improve your writing, give it some design love, get social media savvy and get the message out.

“Create content that’s inherently valuable, surprisingly human, or unexpectedly useful” Joe Chernov

Our help to improve your content

We’d love to help you to get your content right, so that it becomes a valuable asset to your business. Here’s how we can support you:

Want to make your content more valuable?

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