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1 new edition of the Valuable Content Marketing book by 2 authors, in 3 parts (why, what, how), 8 guiding principles, a 10 step content strategy process, 12 illustrations, 15 case studies, over 16 chapters and 302 pages – that’s the new Valuable Content Marketing book in numbers.

But will it really help you?

We are delighted to offer you a sample chapter to download so you can see for yourself.

>> Help yourself to chapter 12: How to make your website valuable

This chapter shows you how to get your website right, making it valuable to your customers and turning it into a fully contributing member of your sales team. Build your content strategy on firm foundations. Will your current website do your new content marketing strategy justice?

In this chapter you will find:

  • An evaluation tool: Is your website set up for content marketing success?
  • The role of a valuable business website
  • The 80:20 rule of content
  • Logic, emotion and content for every step of the sale
  • Traditional website vs. valuable website
  • Working with your website design and development team
  • Two important web design features
  • Marketing automation and the future of websites
  • Instructions for your web designer/developer
  • Ideas for key sections of your site
  • Launching your new site to the world


Valuable Content Marketing is a breath of fresh air in a world full of self-proclaimed gurus and experts. It is the first common sense, practical book that helps people apply digital to their businesses in an honest and straightforward manner.

Robert Craven

Author and keynote speaker, robert-craven.com

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