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‘Think like a content strategist’ workshop for UX Bristol

Stuart Church, UX Bristol 2013

A Valuable Content Customer Story

Content strategy is a hot topic, but what does it really involve and how do you make it work for your business or digital project? And how does it fit with UX?

The challenge

Content marketing and UX go together hand in glove. Content strategy is the glue that links the two. Every digital project needs a content strategy, but what exactly is a content strategy, and how do you create one? This was the challenge set for us by the organisers of UX Bristol in 2013.

The content strategy workshop

Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton designed and ran a workshop to take UX practitioners step-by-step through the content strategy process, including:

  • How can you get the message straight?
  • What content do you need on the website and in other outposts?
  • How do you join it all up with social media?
  • What should you be tweeting in six months time?

Our session answered their content strategy questions and provided a whistle stop tour of a very valuable marketing technique. By the end of the workshop the 50 experienced UX specialists in the room had created a living breathing content strategy for a real local business, and could start to think like content strategists.

An immersive workshop for the UX community

We invited participants to create a living, breathing content strategy for a real Bristol business to help develop their skills as content strategists. Live sketchnotes content workshop

The results

Conference organiser Stuart Church explains:

“We invited Sharon and Sonja of Valuable Content to run a workshop on content strategy as part of this year’s UXBristol conference. They produced one of the best workshops I have seen in the three years of UXBristol. Basing the workshop around creating a strategy for a real local business, and inviting the business owners to actively take part on the day, was an inspired approach and really brought the workshop to life. The use of a graphic designer to create live sketch-notes and diagrams during the course of the session was incredibly powerful and engaging. I would highly recommend their workshops.” Stuart Church, UXBristol 2013

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