Content Planning Workshop

Get expert help to prioritise and plan the content you need to move your business up a gear.

What content will be most valuable?

You have some ideas for valuable content but aren’t sure which to prioritise. What content will attract the kind of business you really want? How often should you be producing blogs, guides, videos and social media updates? And how do you get the team onboard and contributing with enthusiasm?

If you feel your content is falling flat and not enough of the right people are getting in touch, we can help.

Want your blogs and other thought leadership content to drive enquiries from exactly the right kind of people?

We’ll run a workshop with you and the team to create a content plan that aligns with your goals, and which gets everyone fired up for content creation.

Keen on a content planning workshop?

Talk to us about your content challenge and goals.

“Apart from being very constructive, the workshop Sonja ran for us was a great team building session. She has a great way of asking probing questions without ever making any of the team feel they are being put on the spot; this helped get some really useful input from them.

The way it was structured helped us get the most out of the 3 hours, so we now not only have a plan of what to write for the next 3-6 months, we know who’s writing what and are all filled with the confidence to write it!”

Caroline Hagen

Founder, Reach Brands

What does a valuable content planning workshop include?

This half-day session is designed to get the team into the content marketing mindset, brainstorming ideas and co-creating a content plan that can be put into action as soon as the workshop finishes.

The workshop is full of relevant real-life examples of businesses that are winning with their content marketing and exercises designed to get the team thinking in a customer-focused way.

How does it work?

  1. Request a content planning workshop -> email Sonja
  2. Phone call with us to discuss your content challenge and understand your business goals
  3. We’ll conduct a content critique: reviewing your website and social content against our best practice framework
  4. We set a date and send you and the team pre-work to get you thinking
  5. You and the team will complete a workbook and plan on the day; we’ll feedback what we’ve found in our content critique
  6. We’ll write up notes and recommendations for your content and marketing after the event

How much does it cost?

The one-time fee for a standard content planning workshop is £950 (+ VAT).

You’ll have your investment back the moment you close new business having got busy with the right content.

Is a Valuable Content Planning Workshop right for me?

✓ Yes, if you know your content could be better but you’re not sure where to start.

✓ Yes, if you have loads of ideas for content and marketing but aren’t sure what to prioritise.

✓ Yes, if you’re not sure what type of content to create for your clients and customers.

✓ Yes, if you want to educate, enthuse and get buy-in and consensus from the wider team.

✓ Yes, if you need content that builds trust and inspires the right people to take action.

“If you care about marketing and want to do it properly, you’re in the right place and in the best of hands.”

Doug Kessler

Creative Director, Velocity Partners

Request a valuable content planning workshop

Let us know you’re interested. We’ll reply in 24 hours to answer your questions and discuss the details.

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