The Valuable Content Marketing book is here!

After the months of writing and waiting, our book – Valuable Content Marketing: how to make quality content the key to your business success – is finally released in the UK today.

We wrote it to help people get to grips with marketing their businesses on the web. Business development has changed, buyers’ expectations have changed: valuable content has become the beating heart of all effective marketing today.

The book is packed full of examples and tips you can learn from. Many of our clients and contacts helped us to write it – generously giving their experiences of creating great content and sharing it online – and we’re very grateful for their support.

Is the book for you?

We had some particular people in mind when we were writing – and while we’d love everyone and their Mums to read it – we think you’ll find it especially useful if you fit one of these categories:

  1. You run your own business. You love what you do, but have trouble spreading the word about it.
  2. You work in or run a marketing department and want a quick, easy and practical guide to content marketing that you can use to make changes in your organisation.
  3. Your website needs updating. Read the book before you spend any money on it!
  4. You feel like you’re missing out – everyone else is blathering on about Twitter and SEO – and you can’t join in.
  5. You’re studying marketing and need a basic grounding in today’s best techniques.
  6. You know it’s important, but digital marketing is a big mystery to you, and you’d like a clear guide step by step guide that will ensure you get it right.
  7. You want to create the highest quality content that clients / customers really appreciate.
  8. You want more of the kind of clients who pay you well for the kind of work you like doing. (And less of those who don’t!)
  9. You like the sound of content marketing and need a workable content strategy to support your growth plans.
  10. You don’t like shouty self-promotion, and think there must be a better way of making more sales. (There is!)

We really hope our book inspires you to put valuable content at the heart of your marketing this year, because we’ve seen what it does for those who adopt this thoughtful, customer-focused approach. It’s the most fantastic opportunity if you want to build your business. We hope you will seize it!

You can order the book here in Kindle or paperback format on Amazon, or download a sample chapter if you want to try first before you buy.

If you’d like to help us

Please help us to spread the word.

Reviews on Amazon are great for book sales, so if you do read it and like it, do post a review. We’d love to know what you think and we will be very grateful.

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  1. Dave Thackeray

    Congratulations, Sonja and Sharon, on making a reality out of what probably seemed like a pipe dream way back then.

    This looks like a fabulous book – a much-needed read for those who don’t know how to market their businesses in this ever-changing world.

    And because things are shape-shifting at such a pace, we really are pioneers in this space.

    I remember when I wrote Sharing Superheroes, a playbook helping businesses unleash the personalities and strengths of their employees as their #1 marketing weapon, that I had so few sources to relate to because it was virgin territory. I feel Valuable Content is also ploughing its own furrow – just as you would expect from a visionary brand and book.

    The very best of luck with it, and I can’t wait to read it and talk to you fine folks about it soon!

  2. Lizzie Everard

    People, BUY THIS BOOK! I have dreaded marketing for so long, as it seemed to sit at odds with working in the arts which is so much heart and soul. Sonja and Sharon you have turned my thinking around with your message and helped me take on a much better attitude to running my business. It’s brilliant to see your insights put into this book.

    Such great news, well done and congratulations!

    Very glad to see this day arrive and I wish you all the best with it.


  3. Sonja Jefferson

    Thanks you two.

    Love the ‘shape-shifting’ term Dave – that’s it really isn’t it? Things have changed so fast that firms find it difficult to put their finger on what to do with their marketing. Hopefully the ‘just be valuable’ message makes it simpler, whatever platform you chose to play on. Looking forward to reading your book too.

    Lizzie – your beautiful, thoughtful illustrations helped to turn our book into something we are really proud of. Visual content has such an impact and we’re so grateful to have had your assistance. Delighted the ideas are helping you too – your business really deserves to fly.

    Sonja x

  4. Nenad

    Woohoo! Congrats! ordering it now! N.

  5. Bryony Thomas

    Congratulations Sonja and Sharon. As one of the lucky ones who got to read a preview I can honestly say that your book is a really powerful resource for any marketer. I’ll get a review up on Amazon as soon as I get a minute. I do hope you’ll take a moment to pat yourselves on the back. It is a massive achievement!

  6. Bryony Thomas

    Ooh, and I am loving the new monochrome stripey top and chunky jewellery VC uniform. You’re rocking it!

  7. Sonja Jefferson

    Thanks so much Bry – for all your help, inspiration and support along the way. I think we might just go out and celebrate a little tonight. Would you believe us if we said we didn’t plan to wear similar uniform today? Honest. x

  8. Joe Pulizzi

    A big congratulations from all of us at CMI Sonja…this is a big accomplishment and you should be proud.

  9. Nick Rapson

    Congratulations on the book, Sonja and Sharon. Like Bryony, I was lucky enough to have read a preview and I found it really interesting. I don’t know the first thing about marketing – mostly the reason I was making a complete hash of mine – but your book will help immeasurably.

    I don’t have a copy yet but I’m hoping to get one by the launch. I’m hoping to get it signed!

    Congratulations again.


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