Top 10 content trends for 2011

January is the season for  TOP IDEAS, TRENDS, RESOLUTIONS, TOOLKITS for the new year…I’m a sucker for articles like these: compelled to read them to see if I’m doing the right stuff, to find nuggets of wisdom to help me plan my year. Perhaps you are too.

With that thought in mind here’s my contribution from the world of content: 10 content trends you should sit up and take notice of this year. They are not all new but they are certainly all important if you want to propel your marketing to new heights in 2011.

  1. Yup, content is still king in 2011, the heart of all effective marketing today. But we are not talking just any old content – make sure yours is VALUABLE, to your readers and to your business. Your number one focus for the year? Pack your website full of valuable content
  2. Articles and blogging remain a crucial way to get your message across – appreciated by your prospects, clients, contacts and Google too they increase awareness, trust, referrals and sales: see – ‘5 reasons to start a business blog’
  3. Social media really is mainstream now but remember, you need good content to make it fly. Regularly share links to your articles and blog posts as well as industry news, statistics and great content from others to back up your approach
  4. Printed content is making a resurgence – useful guides, printed pamphlets, even hard copy sales letters make an impact in our digitally-focused world, if they are crafted well
  5. Create content with a shelf-life: add heavy-weight stock to your general content flow – gold standard articles, guides and give-aways – cornerstone content that retains its value and sets your business apart
  6. Business books – forever guaranteed to give you expert status. Make your business book a reality this year with our help
  7. Use content to keep in touch, to keep the conversation flowing until they are ready to buy – newsletters, auto-responder emails. see – ‘How to keep in touch with potential customers until they are ready to buy’
  8. Get creative: not just written content – mix it up with videos, animations, slideshows etc. This is on our list for 2011 as we’ve focused purely on written to date: should be fun
  9. Mobile – the buzzword of the year. With the incredible growth of smartphones, businesses can no longer ignore the need to adapt and create content for mobile users. Make sure your website is designed with mobile in mind and make use of new ways to engage with the mobile community (e.g. we’re excited by ‘QR codes’)
  10. Write it well! Last but not least, don’t forget to focus on the quality of your content. Throw out jargon, but don’t replace it with plain language.  Instead choose lively, compelling words that make connections with your readers.  Sharon’s articles on this blog will show you how.

We’ll be writing more on all these subjects on the Valuable Content blog and in our newsletters throughout the year. Sign up to the Valuable Content mailing list and we’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends, news and views from the world of content.

A happy and successful 2011 to you all.

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  1. Vaughan Merlyn

    Both a nice reminder and a refresher course on the role of content in our changing marketplace – thank you! My promise to myself in 2011 is to try to follow your advice and cover all 10 points!

  2. Sonja Jefferson

    Thank you Vaughan. I’ll write more on each point through the year to give you more assistance and help you meet that objective.

    Great to make contact. Your blog really does live up to the Valuable Content promise.

    See: IT Organization circa 2017 for fascinating insights into the changing role of the IT organisation an excellent example of a well-written consultancy blog.




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