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“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.”
Arjun Basu

If you want to be more effective at content marketing so you drive business results, then take the time to document your content strategy.

This workbook is a companion resource to chapter 11 in the new Valuable Content Marketing book – Pulling Together an Effective Content Strategy. It will help you to think through all the elements you need to consider.

Use this workbook to record the decisions you make as you work through all 10 steps in the book.

  1. Get clear on your goals
  2. Know your business
  3. Know your customers
  4. Find your story
  5. Define your content sweet spot and vision
  6. Make a content commitment and plan
  7. What platform and tools?
  8. Organise the team
  9. Measure for success
  10. Plan the change and make it so


Good luck.

Sonja and Sharon

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