Where are you on your content marketing journey?

Marketing with valuable content is a simple idea, but tough to make work on the ground. Use the Land of Content map to guide you on your way.

Land of content marketing mapThe path to content nirvana is rarely smooth

Marketing with valuable content is a simple idea, but tough to make work on the ground. The journey – from the decision to focus your efforts on sharing the kind of content your customers are looking for, to the point at which they choose to do business with you – is not a straight A to B trip.

There are numerous pitfalls and mountains on the way. So many, and so familiar are the highs and lows of the content marketing journey, that we’ve imagined them as real places and created a map of The Land of Content.

Use it to find out where you are now, and to plan your journey to Bountiful Bay: marketing nirvana where your content is just right, and the perfect customers are drawn to you again and again.

So where are you now?

  • Striding along Grafter’s Gorge, or fumbling around in Foggy Bottom?
  • Have you been seduced by the bright lights of the Port Of Quick Wins or are you losing heart on Lonely Crag?
  • Are you investing in some big thinking on Pow Wow Plain to make your journey run more smoothly?

Wherever you are now, download your map of the content marketing journey and plan your next move.

We hope this thinking helps. Any other landmarks we’ve missed? Do let us know.

Need a guide?

Valuable Content Marketing edition 2And if you need help along the way, pre-order the brand new edition of Valuable Content Marketing here – a totally updated guide to content marketing that will help you get there faster.

“Valuable Content Marketing goes beyond words and lofty vision. It tells you what to do. In a landscape growing increasingly crowded by noise, this gets you to a higher ground.” ~ Chris Brogan


PS. Many thanks to the Bristol Content Group and the Valuable Content email subscribers for their help in developing the map. And to the inimitable Lizzie Everard for the design.

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