Who’s who at the great social media party?

Newbie, automaton, lurker or celebrity? Which social media party type are you?

Twitter has the potential to be the best party you’ve even been to. Everyone you’ve ever wanted to meet is there, and you just don’t know who you might bump into next. People let their guard down, and the things that happen at this party even make the national news. So are you there?

We’ve been pondering the ins and outs of social media a lot over the past couple of weeks. Conversations with clients and our own experiences have got us thinking. Just what is happening at the Twitter party these days?

And even more importantly, which social media party type are you?

The great introducer

You rock at social media, cleverly connecting people without ego. You make other people look good and widen your own network into the bargain. Very popular. Probably in the kitchen, because you know that’s where all the action really is.

Signs of a great introducer:
Canny RTing, adding your own comments to show you’ve read, enjoyed and understood.

The Big Cheese

Sitting in the corner with an entourage. People get your drinks for you and you just nod your thanks at them. To be honest, you’re a bit bored of this party, more exciting stuff is happening elsewhere these days, but you know it’s part of the game so you will sit there a little longer.

Big Cheese characteristics:
You limit yourself to concentrated bursts of activity (more impact), and favouriting every mention of your name.

The early adopter AKA the old hippie

Standing on the edge of the room, staring into your whiskey and having a conversation that runs something like this:

“Man you should have been here in 2008. That was a party. Remember the Fail Whale? God, I loved that Whale. This is all corporate shit.”

Signs of an early adopter:
Nostalgic rereading your timeline for signs of the good old days, when people talked to each other and sponsored tweets hadn’t been invented.

The nasty drunk

Lost the plot. Bumping through the crowd lashing out at anyone who gets in the way.  Fancies himself as a stand up comedian, or a shock jock, but no one’s laughing. People scatter when they see him approaching.

Twitter traits of the nasty drunk:
Snide comments fired at random. Few replies. Losing followers.

The celebrity

You’re having a ball. Dressed the part with everyone hanging on your every word, #OMG #hashtag this is your kind of party.

Celebrity trademarks:
Multiple instant RTs and favourites, even if you’re talking rubbish. Especially if you’re talking rubbish.

The lurker

You don’t really want to go to this party, but you’re going anyway. You keep your coat on and watch from the edge of the room. You notice the people who are letting their hair down and take notes so you can remind them later.

Lurker trademark:
Signing up but never saying anything. Lurking.

The automaton

You’re too busy to attend the party, so you’ve sent someone to represent you, with strict instructions of what to say and when to say it. Your representative has settled in the middle of the room, and is repeating your words to someone else’s representative, who is favouriting them, as instructed. If you looked from a distance it might appear to be a conversation, but no one has said anything new for the past three hours.

Traits of the automaton:
Lots of activity, no connection.

The schmoozer

You’ve got this party sewn up. You know who’s who and what to say to them for maximum impact. You know when to flatter, and how to pull together a useful group. You come with interesting things to say, and you know to listen as well as talk.

Schmoozer signs:
Smart use of lists, a timeline that demonstrates a lot of give as well as take.

The newbie

Standing at the edge, clutching a bottle of warm Pinot Grigio and wishing they’d come with a friend, or even better, stayed at home. Overawed by the noise but determined to have a conversation. Approaches a small group of people and says hello. Hurt when no one replies. Hastily favourites something by Woman’s Hour or that nice Stephen Fry then runs away.

Newbie giveaways:
Too overawed to say much. Responding politely to automated ‘thanks for following me  – please check out my Facebook page’ messages.

So which Twitter party type are you?

Are you the party queen or the guy slumped in the corner talking to himself? Are you enjoying the noise and the crowds, or do you wish they’d turn the music down? Would anyone notice if you sneaked away early?

Go on, tell us. We’d be fascinated to know.

And any other social party types we’ve missed?

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  1. Mark Stonham

    Very interesting profiles Sharon. And thank you for putting me in the Introducer group. I do try to add helpful comments, make others look good and share great content with others. Valuable, sharable content like this helps.


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