Why we hate Valentine’s Day

Sitting at a table for two on the evening of February 14th ought to be romantic, but it very often isn’t. Just one glance across at the other couples sitting in awkward silence as they go through the motions of the whole Valentine’s thing is enough to suck the romance out of even the wildest affair.

  • Single red rose on the table
  • Cheesy love songs playing
  • Menu with hearts on it
  • Complimentary glass of bubbly for the laydeez

We’re rushed through the meal because the table’s booked again at 9 pm. Makes us feel like we’re part of some huge marketing machine. Not good.

There are businesses that can make you feel like that too. They go through the motions of making an effort, but just like the wilting red rose on the table, the end result is a bit, well, limp.

And, of course, (you knew this was coming) it’s the same with your website.

The signs of an uncaring website

You can tell a lot from a business’s website about whether it truly cares or not. Is there anything there that feels like it was written just for you? Is there content that makes you smile or helpful stuff that makes a big problem feel a bit smaller? Do you feel understood? Does it encourage you to get in touch (in a way that makes you feel like talking) or, just like the worst kind of Valentine’s date is it all ‘me, me, me?’

The things that would make a Valentine’s Day special are things that are a bit out of the ordinary. Gifts or surprises that show you understand the person you’re buying for mean a lot more than the bunch of carnations hastily bought at the garage on the way to the restaurant. (And no one over the age of 15 wants a teddy bear proclaiming ‘I wuv you’. Just saying.)

So this Valentine’s Day, show them you care

Create some content that feels like the very best date – make it original, warm, interesting, relaxed, amazing, astounding, confident, revealing, thrilling, funny.

Just don’t settle for ordinary, steer away from what everybody else is doing. And never, my friends, ever be dull.

Content with love

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