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Using the right tool for the job is important in any business, and it is no different in the world of content.  Here is our quick guide to what’s in the Valuable Content tool kit, with some tips on how to use it.

You’ll see we go from the basics, right through to business books. Not every business will need all the tools, it’s all about getting the communications mix right for you and your customers.

Understand how your customers like you to communicate with them, and talk to them that way.

  • Website: Pack it full of value: make it a hub of useful resources for your clients. The answers should all be there. Needs to engage. Keep it up to date.
  • Articles: Give away some of your hard-earned knowledge and show thought-leadership. Generate interest and understanding in return. A business blog is a fantastic way to easily publish and share your articles.
  • Whitepapers: Positioned somewhere in between a magazine article and an academic paper, this powerful form of content can super-charge your thought-leadership efforts.
  • Newsletter: Keep in touch. Short, sweet, relevant. Should be regular.
  • Social media: Join the community. Be seen. A good way of showing what you know. Interact and make yourself useful. Twitter and LinkedIn are amongst the best.
  • Email marketing: The best campaigns are targeted, responsive and useful. Clever way of carrying on the conversation with potential buyers.
  • Case studies: The kings of content. Make sure yours show potential clients exactly how you help people like them.
  • A Business book: If case studies are the kings of content, business books are the Masters of the Universe.  Sure fire way of positioning yourself as an authority in your field. Big commitment to create, with bigger pay-off if you get it right.

What collection of content tools is right for your business?

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