On your marks, get set, GO! How to win with content marketing










You know you need to produce first class content to market your business, but how do you set yourself up for gold medal winning success?

Just like an athlete, you need to plan, prepare and train. Putting together the right content mix for your business needs inspiration and dedication, not to mention, stamina. Here’s our quick guide to creating content that wins.

1. On your marks…

Preparation is key. Before you step out onto the track with your new content, make sure you know what you’re trying to achieve. Do the thinking and planning, and don’t rush this stage.

Key to the preparation phase is research, talking, and listening.

Ask yourself: am I clear what my business is all about? Do I know what I want to sell, and who I want to buy it? Can I sum up my niche in a sentence?

If you can describe your dream clients in detail – you know the questions they are asking, and the content you can create to supply the answers –  then it sounds like you’re ready to………

2. Get set…

Get your platform right. You’ll need a solid web platform for all your valuable content.

Marketing with content puts a lot pressure on your website. An athlete wouldn’t attempt a marathon in a pair of tired old trainers, and you shouldn’t try to market your business with a website that isn’t properly designed for the job.

For starters you need an integrated blog, and a sound content management system, all wrapped up in beautiful user friendly design. Once yours is finely tuned, and you’re proud to send people heading its way, then it’s time to …

3. GO!

Start sharing all that lovely valuable content. Get it up on your website, blog regularly, distribute it via social media, label it for search engines, take it wider, share it with the world on other websites.

You’re developing powerful networks but don’t forget the human touch. You may be sending your content far and wide, but it’s still you that people need to connect with. Building trust is one of the most powerful things you can do with your content, so make sure there’s a real sense of you at the heart of all you create.

4…and keep going

Measure, refine, learn….and continue. Marketing with content is definitely a marathon not a sprint, and it’s consistency that will bring you success. Keep at it. Turn out even when you don’t feel like it. Deepen the value over time. Make it a habit – be valuable for life.

Think like a champion – believe in yourself, take action, put in the hard work, continue, have patience, deliver results, listen, learn, hold the faith – and just like a gold medal winning athlete, success will come.

Good luck!

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