Why valuable content is the gift that keeps on giving

Like all good gifts, valuable content takes a lot of thought. But it’s worth it. Why creating something extra special will repay your efforts.

Like the very best gifts, a really valuable piece content takes a lot of effort to get right.  It’s not something you can dash off in ten minutes. And it’s not something you can order cheaply off the internet, wrap quickly, and pass off as your own.

A valuable piece of content is perfect for the person for whom it was intended. It shows you’ve thought about them – what they like, what they really want to know, what will help them. You’ve designed it beautifully, addressed it perfectly, and sent it to them at just the right time. You’ve made them smile and made their day.

Now what? Isn’t that a whole lot of faff for one person? Thankfully not, as valuable content really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Valuable content spreads far and wide

The great thing about fantastic content is the way it moves. Chances are the person you’ve sent it to will want to share it –  almost certainly with colleagues as it tackles so many of the issues you know they are wrestling with, and more than likely on social media. Sharing the love makes them feel good too. When it comes to content it’s equally as good to give as it is to receive.

So they will share it, and you can share it too. Creating your content with one special person in mind won’t have made it irrelevant to other people. Focusing your energies on a specific person will have given your content a depth and richness that can only be achieved by writing about real life challenges. Writing for one special person will lift your content out of the coolly theoretical and into the space where it can really make connections with people. It’s not what you know, it’s how you apply it that demonstrates your expertise.

Emotional connection

And as you wrote it for one person, it will be a good read. Warmer, more direct and straightforward – if you write with a focus on one, it will read better for everyone. The reader always puts them in the position of ‘you’. We just can’t help ourselves!

A really valuable piece of content is a gift for your sales team too. It’s far better to begin a sales conversation with something useful and interesting to share than from a standing start.  It might give your PR team a present too – great content that starts relationships is always welcome.

A gift for you too

Lastly, it’s a gift for you in the months to come. Carve it up, repurpose it, re-use it. A chunky piece of content can have many extra lives – as blog posts, podcasts, videos, useful giveaways for conferences, leave behinds for meetings, Linkedin updates, fuel to start Twitter conversations……the list goes on and on.  As trust building proof of the way you help your clients, there really is no better present you can give yourself.

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