10 valuable tips for your marketing

In the course of writing the Valuable Content Marketing book we spoke to many experts and businesses who know how to make marketing work. Large and small, here in the UK and around the world, we found people getting great results by making their marketing genuinely valuable to their type of clients or customers. We thought you might like to hear some of the best advice we found. So without further ado, here are ten valuable tips for your marketing from those that know.

1. Don’t be egotistical.

From David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of PR and Marketing www.webinknow.com:

“Don’t be egotistical. Nobody cares about your products and services (except you). What people care about are themselves and solving their problems.”

2. Give content freely

From Andrea P. Howe, BossaNova Consulting Group, co-author ofThe Trusted Advisor FieldbookA Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust:

“Give content freely, with generosity. If you’re concerned about giving away too much or you’re otherwise holding back in any way, worry less and give more. The spirit with which something is offered matters as much as the ‘something.’ And while your value includes your content, it definitely doesn’t stop there. The ones who are interested will see that and want it all.”

3. Have something to talk about

From Bryony Thomas, marketing strategist and author of Watertight Marketing:

“Effective marketing is about drawing people into a dialogue about their needs, and then showing how you can meet them. If you have a steady stream of interesting and useful content, you always have something to talk about.”

4. Put your expertise online

From Brian Inkster, Inkster’s Solicitors:

“Cast your net wider by publishing your knowledge, our expertise and achievements online. You never know who might be searching for the specific assistance you can provide.”

5. Know your clients

From Mark O’Brien, President of Newfangled and author of A Website That Works:

“When considering creating on-site web content for your customers, be sure to know what sort of client you’re trying to attract, know what they are struggling with, and why they might hire you. Once you’ve figured that out, share your expertise generously.”

6. Leave prospects wanting more, more, more

From Paul Simister, www.differentiateyourbusiness.co.uk:

“Valuable content to attract potential customers needs to be a triple punch that leaves the prospect wanting “more, more, more”. It needs to be keyword driven to attract, curiosity based to encourage email opt-ins and relevant, practical and interesting to build the relationship.”

7. Quality over quantity

From Richard Gauder, CMS Web Solutions Inc.:

“My thoughts about content: create quality over quantity and make sure it is personal and practical for your audience. Anything else wastes a person’s time and is spam.”

8. Walk a mile in your customers’ shoes

From Heather Townsend, author of The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking:

“Walk a mile in your customer’s shoes to help you decide what sort of content they would find valuable. Don’t just make it up, ask them –  what information would they appreciate?”

9. If you struggle with writing get some help

From Mel Lester, The Business Edge:

“If your in-house experts struggle to write then have someone else interview them to produce valuable content. Sharing the credit doesn’t diminish the reputations of your experts.”

10. Don’t be afraid of not knowing enough

From James Chapman, Development Done Right:

“Don’t be afraid of not knowing enough. Remember, your bread and butter is someone else’s rocket science. Keep it simple and relevant to your audience.”

We are hugely grateful to all those who contributed their ideas and stories for the Valuable Content Marketing book.

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  1. Hristiyana Peneva

    I have opened my business in 2009.Very hard time for not just Irish market but everywhere over the world.
    My business in called H&T Painting and Decorating Services Ltd.Me and my partner run the business in Ireland.
    We were ready to lose money in the first year,but now the fourth year has been started.
    I am responsible for the marketing in the company and finding more customers.My opinion is that the marketing is most important,but still something missing in the way we are advertising.
    We are advertising mainly through flyers. We advertise online as well – on Facebook, Google Maps and the business website.
    I am sure that I am missing something in the marketing and with your help I will find out what is it.

  2. Sonja Jefferson

    Hi. Thanks very much for the comment. It sounds as if you’ve had a hard time in a difficult market, and I hope you really get your business off the ground this year. This article might help you – https://www.valuablecontent.co.uk/how-successful-companies-are-marketing-themselves-today/. It shows a few companies getting it right. All these businesses know the type of customers they serve really well and focus their marketing efforts on creating information that these people really appreciate – useful tips, inspiring examples etc. They help, educate and guide their potential customers through the information they share. I really hope this helps to show you what’s possible. It’s just a different approach to marketing – a more comfortable one for most. Put your expertise in painting and decorating to good use. Share it with your potential customers through your marketing. The best of luck with your business. Sonja

  3. Hussain Al-Essa

    Really enjoyed reading the Valuable Content Marketing book! In fact before showing up on this blog post, I was searching for the DMScott quote (Page 38) about brands being egotistical on their social networks and wondering why they aren’t getting much traffic if any.

    Thank you Sonja & Sharon for all your efforts.

  4. Sonja Jefferson

    Thanks Hussain – that’s really good to know. Delighted you like it and good luck with all you do in your business.


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