Are you a marketing zombie?

Marketing Zombies

Forget vampires and werewolves, in the world of marketing there are scarier ghouls on the block.

Especially for Halloween, here are five things that make us shiver.

  1. Getting caught in your marketing machine. Over slick marketing can backfire, and make us feel like marketed to zombies. Signs of ‘dead on the inside’ zombie marketing are relentless messages that over use our names. Sharon, sign up for this. Sharon do you find that ……..? It’s beautifully produced, ticks all the right boxes, but all signs of real life are gone. High quality but mass produced – feels inhuman and we don’t like it.
  2. Sales calls that make us feel like we’re being stalked. Yes we downloaded something from your website, but that doesn’t mean you can call us. Creepy.
  3. Pop ups on your website home page. Always make us scream. We want to read your stuff, not sign up for this or that, or anything else right now. If your content is good, we’ll happily sign up for more later, but not before we’ve even got started.
  4. Email newsletters we didn’t sign up for. Our inboxes are overloaded, don’t send it unless we’ve asked for it or it will be about as welcome as a Trick or Treater in July.
  5. Rubbish content we did sign up for. Empty e-books, poorly produced guides – not a ghost of real value to be seen.

If you don’t want to scare off your clients, create content fit for real living people. Respect their time, be useful, don’t leap out at them from behind doors (or web pages!)

Happy Halloween!

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