But what About Us? Tips for your ‘About Us’ page

Chances are the most viewed pages on your website are About Us and your client list. Who are you, and who trusts you with their business? Two key things that potential clients want to know before getting in touch.

Client lists are self explanatory – names, logos, testimonials and soundbites all linked to case studies add credibility to your business. But what about About Us?  The section is a chance to let potential clients see the real you, and to show a bit of personality. But what bit of you, and how much personality? There are infinite ways of doing it, and we thought it would be useful to outline an approach we like.

Valuable Content tips for creating a powerful About Us page

  • Do see the page from your potential client’s point of view.  Your golfing prowess might be awesome, but how does that help them?  Write about your approach to the business, not your hobbies.
  • Do think about the page as part of your business story.  Write about how your role fits and contributes to that story.  ‘Before joining x I worked as a sales consultant for fifteen years.  My understandings of what can make or break a sale help my clients succeed’.
  • Do share your mission.  What do you believe, and why?  Define your audience – what kind of people can your business help?
  • Do interpret your data with your offer clearly in mind.  So don’t just say ‘I worked as an accountant for 20 years before starting my payroll business,’ write ’20 years in accountancy showed me how crucial payroll services are to business success.’ Keep asking yourself ‘why is this relevant?’
  • Don’t write too much. Remember the rules of good web writing. Short and to the point is good.  Strong headlines will draw people in, so link to further pages if there’s more to say.
  • Do make sure the whole page links well to the rest of your site. Relevant About Us copy will make natural links to your clients and services and approach, so embed them in the site. Fire enthusiasm, and lead people seamlessly to the rest of your content.
  • Do use good professional pictures of you and your team.  People like to see who they will be working with.
  • Don’t be too obscure. You might feel that you’re best represented by a picture of a lovely smooth pebble, or a snap of Kermit the frog, but not everyone will get it. (However if you do want to go down an alternative visual representation route, make sure your explanation is easy to find and written with wit.)
  • Don’t be boring but…….
  • Don’t be ‘whacky’ or ‘zany’ or anything that could be remotely interpreted as something Timmy Mallet might do. Nothing along the ‘you don’t have to be crazy to work here…..’ lines, please.
  • Do ask for help.  An independent view can be really valuable in helping you see what’s most relevant and most compelling for a potential client.

If you’d like us to help you create a valuable About Us page that really gets your message across, please get in touch. Contact Sharon on 0117 9290414 or email sonja@valuablecontent.co.uk.

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