Top tips for successful business newsletters

Staying in touch with clients and customers is part of Valuable Content’s approach to marketing – providing helpful advice and content keeps your profile high and boosts your business ‘feel-good factor’.  Newsletters are a great way of doing this, so we’ve put together some quick tips for getting them right.

  1. Get sign up first. However lovingly worded and beautifully designed, if they didn’t ask for it, it’s spam.
  2. Be brief. People are busy. Even scrolling down too far is too much. One page max.
  3. Grab their attention. Headlines matter. Newsletter 73 isn’t going to get anyone rushing to click, but a great offer just might. Be careful though. We all love a bargain, but too many once in a lifetime sales make you look desperate.
  4. Use your voice. Newsletters need to follow your brand guidelines, in a tone of voice that matches the rest of your communications. So no text speak if you’re a firm of solicitors, and no stiff formality if you plan parties. (Actually, no stiff formality anywhere. Straightforward, honest and warm covers most bases).
  5. Reward. People on your mailing list are your special customers. Make them feel part of an exclusive club and they’ll reward you with loyalty. Money off deals work, but so does information. Letting your favourite customers in on the news before the rest of the world makes them feel important.
  6. Get the timing right. Once I signed up for a diet newsletter and they mailed me twice a day. Way too much. Once a year, and your customers might have forgotten who you are. (Unless you sell Christmas trees).
  7. Share success. Letting your clients know about your latest award makes them feel happy to be associated with you. It’s an affirmation that they might the right choice in working with you. We all like to be right.

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  1. Duncan Macdonald

    Excellent tips – Would like to add by understanding the need keep the content brief and punchy you create an level of intrigue. This should drive recipients to want to know more and this is where a clear call to action and a specialized landing page for each articles will greatly help conversion.

  2. Sharon Tanton

    Thanks Duncan, that’s well worth adding. I’m all for keeping it concise, and clearly signposting what to do to find out more.

  3. katherine

    Thank you and great post. Keep sharing.


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