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Sands Beach Resort – content workshops for the island of Lanzarote

John Beckley, Sands Beach Resort, Lanzarote 2013 and 2015

A Valuable Content Customer Story

John Beckley, savvy digital marketing manager at Sands Beach Resort, knew that if he could get more businesses on Lanzarote investing in content and collaborating on social media, the whole island would benefit. But how could he inspire them to do that? Here’s the story.

The challenge

Tough this digital marketing game isn’t it? With increasing numbers cottoning on to content marketing and social media there’s a need for ever more, ever better content to rise above the roar.

But you do not have to have a corporate-sized marketing budget to win at this game. Look wider and collaborate on what you create and share and you can create and share awesome content that customers will love you for.

Content workshops from Valuable Content

In 2013 Sharon and Sonja were invited to the island of Lanzarote to work with the fantastic Sands Beach Resort and its business partners from across the island, returning again in 2015.

Collaboration was the aim. We delivered workshops to motivate the resort’s staff and their business partners – from the tourist office to paddleboarding and dive schools, restaurants and waterparks – to work together to market the island.

Our job was to get everyone working together to create and share valuable social content so that all the whole island would benefit.

social media training at Sands Beach Resort

We talked co-creation, cross-promotion and constant communication – for far wider reach and even better content.

This is a wise and generous approach. Hats off to Sands Beach Resort’s online community manager John Beckley and the team and their wonderful business partners on Lanzarote – we were delighted to be able to contribute, and learned much from them too.

The results

This collaborative approach to social media and content is really helping both Sands Beach Resort and other businesses on the island to flourish and prosper.

John Beckley explains:

“A couple of years ago we knew the theory and we did a lot of experimenting. Now we’re fully committed to sharing great content via social media. This IS our marketing. Advertising, exhibitions etc. have all taken a back seat. It’s really driving business for the resort. We’re fully booked until March. It’s incredible really.”

Advice for other businesses (and islands!)

The content creation challenge is hard but you don’t have to do it by yourself. Collaborate like those smart businesses on Lanzarote and everybody wins.

So when it comes to creating content, remember you are not alone. Share the load, get a bunch of great people to work on something together – other experts, suppliers, even your customers. Your readers will appreciate a wider view, a new voice, different perspectives. Do this and you’ll make your content more valuable, with even better results.

More on the Sands Beach approach

In 2014 we presented Sands Beach Resort for a gold Valuable Content Award for their brilliant social media efforts.


“Thanks girls for coming all the way to our beautiful little Island and sharing your words of wisdom. Everyone left that meeting more motivated to get cracking with producing some great content.”

John Beckley

Marketing Manager, Sands Beach Resort

“You have an amazing gift of putting the right words together to remind us of so much important content we have forgotten and take for granted. I learned a lot. I sat for many hours before chewing my pencil wondering what to share with our guests and the girls said it all. It was shining in the window….SUNSHINE. So everyday I share our sunshine with someone who has none. I have realised I have taken all the beautiful things around me for granted. I am going to explore something within ten minutes of Sands Beach every weekend and share it.”

Rosemary McManus

Public Relations, Sands Beach Resort

“Thank you for your time and support, it helps us to continue in this direction.”

Juan Carlos Albuixech

General Manager, Sands Beach Resort

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