What’s the number one challenge when it comes to content marketing?

Content marketing is riding a crest of the wave as people wake up to the powerful business benefits of creating helpful content and sharing it online. It’s effective, yes, but it’s not without challenges, the biggest of which is producing enough content.

A successful content marketing strategy depends upon a steady stream of new blogs, e-books, videos – and creating all this content takes organisation, time and effort.

Research from the Content Marketing Institute | 2013 *

[* Results from research by the Content Marketing Institute – Content Marketing in the UK: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends]

Feeding the beast

The content creation monster is a hungry beast, and keeping it fed is hard work.

Dividing the task between team members is essential– it’s the expertise of your people that will create the kind of blogs your business needs to reach out and make connections with potential clients. But motivating an entire team to create this flow of content can be difficult. Some people won’t want to blog, some may doubt their writing skills, many will claim they are too busy to find the time to write the amount of content you need. So how can you turn a team with a mix of objections into a skilled and motivated content creation machine?

What’s the best way to get your people blogging?

There’s no one way that guarantees success, but there are a wide range of approaches that you can adopt to get your people blogging. Inspiration, trickery, reward, training, hiring maniacs…we’ve seen all these approaches and more work for businesses today.

We’ve put together a short e-book to help you come up with solutions to this challenge. This Valuable Content Idea Starter explores the best ways of getting your people blogging. Sharing best practice and thoughts of some of successful content marketers, we hope it will help you to get your team on track for content marketing success.


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Understanding the way content marketing works for professional firms is only half the battle. It’s the implementation of the plan that will scupper or secure success.

How will your firm feed the content creation monster?




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  1. Andy Heath

    Great post Sonja. I think that another big challenge in content marketing is working to clearly defined objectives. A lot of content is created, some of very high quality, but it provides misinformation rather than a clear and compelling story. Creating content without a clear objective is like going on a journey without a map.


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