Writing: how to just do it!

Tips to get the writing done

Writing – whether it’s blogs, whitepapers, newsletters or even a book – is the smartest way to spread the word about what you do. However, getting down to the act of writing is difficult if you’re running a business. It’s impossible to just drop everything and focus on writing alone – there’s so much else that needs your attention. Even when you do get the time, suddenly other things seem more pressing. Should I check my email? Tidy my desk? Have a cup of coffee?

Here are some things that have helped us to get the writing done. I hope they help you too.

1. Think of the bigger picture.

The words you are writing are part of your big marketing plan.  An easy small step in the right direction, not a huge unsurmountable hurdle. Get it into proportion and it won’t feel as hard.

2. Stop wasting time shivering on the edge, just leap in!

Open your computer, don’t turn on Twitter, don’t look at Facebook, don’t open email, just start writing. Once you start, you’ll get into the flow.

3. The sooner you start the sooner you finish.

Anticipate the end. Once you’ve done it, it’s done, and it won’t have to be done again. Get on with it!

4. Promise yourself a treat.

It works for small children and for grown ups too. 400 words and I can go for a walk/have a cake/make that phone call.

5. Remove yourself.

Write somewhere different, away from the distractions of your usual working day. A quiet meeting room, a café, a library, even a different desk.

6. Make a commitment.

Deadlines work, (it’s the only way we ever get our writing done!)

7. Carve out some real time, and protect it from other demands.

Five minutes a day to record your ideas in a blog diary, half an hour to plan a blog (and write one too, once you’re really up and running), an hour and a half to write something that addresses the question that keeps coming up, and get it up on your website; half a day to write a chapter for our book. Shut yourself away and give it all your focus.

Writing some really valuable content really will make all the difference to your business, so set aside the time, and keep to it.

What works for you? We’d love to know.

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  1. Rhian

    Good article. I definitely needed a reminder that I need to start writing again. I’ve recently come back from maternity leave & as our blog has been a bit stagnant while I was away it’s hard to get back into it.
    I think another point to make is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! I used to spend ages going over & over making sure my writing was perfect, and then would never publish it because it was too late or no longer relevant. Sometimes it’s better to get something 90% right out there than nothing at all!

  2. Sharon Tanton

    I agree completely. Perfection is an impossible aim! Just do your best and get it out there! Thanks for commenting, and good luck with going back to work. I’ve been enjoying your tweets about baby Evie – my Evie is 17 next month!


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